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FRANKENCON 2024 media passes include everything a General Admission Combo Pass and nighttime activity. No EARLY entry.

We welcome all different types of media including.

  • PRINT MEDIA: Print Media includes local newspapers, national newspapers, college newspapers, magazines etc., and zines will be considered on a case by case basis.

  • TELEVISION & RADIO: TV & Radio include AM, FM, satellite, local TV, cable, national TV outlets. Streaming only outlets will be considered as online media.


  • You represent a podcast, website or blog that posts content regularly (preferably monthly or more).

You should have at least 1 branded social media page such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. At least one of your social media platforms should have more than 5,000 followers or subscribers although we will take the quality of your content into consideration.

Freelance photographers not representing a specific media outlet should have a website where their work is displayed.

For 2023 an approved Media Pass application will grant you two Media Passes per outlet.

All applicants are asked to to post about The Scarefest before the event with a visible and verifiable link to our website. Special consideration for additional passes will be made for outlets that actively work directly with us to help us promote our convention through interviews or other approved coverage and postings leading up to the event including sharing our commercials (coming soon). All approved applicants may request a code that will allow you to purchase discounted tickets similar to what our vendors are eligible for.

Of course, if you are not approved for “free” media credentials, you may still purchase a ticket to the show and report on the show that way. Having a press badge does not guarantee any interviews during the expo.

We are unable to facilitate celebrity interviews for most of you. We can only set up a few in the days immediately leading up to the convention and must limit these to mainstream radio and television broadcasts. 

If you are granted a media pass, we ask that you share information regarding The Scarefest before the event.

Media Credentials are granted with the understanding that The Scarefest is a fandom event that celebrates both its attendees and guests. We ask that press don’t mock attendees or guests or use any part of the show as a source for derisive humor.

Once you are approved, we will work with you to help secure possible advance information and potential interview opportunities with The Scarefest staff. You will also be added to the mailing list for any related press releases.

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