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Do you want to be a Vendor at FrankenCon 2024?




Well, you're in luck because we are now accepting applications for FrankenCon on May 10th & 11th?


In 2024 we will have one main Vendor Hall which will be over 12,000 square feet with an estimated attendance of 1,000 amazing fans eager to purchase your items and learn about your business/podcast/books/art or whatever you are trying to promote at our show!

We have multiple options for you to choose from so here is a breakdown of what we offer:

*Taxes & Fees Not included in Pricing*

*SOLD OUT* Small Spot 100.00  - Available for Filmmakers/Artists/Authors/Podcasts Table -These tables will not be located in the main vendor area, they are in a separate room across the hall & includes: One 6 FT Table with two chairs. There is limited space behind the table and on the sides. *LIMITED TO ONE TABLE PER PERSON/BUSINESS*

*SOLD OUT* Regular Spot- 225.00 :  This spot is perfect for a variety of different vendors that don't need a huge amount of space & includes: One 6 FT Table with two chairs & a space of  8 FT by 8 FT (in some instances, space can be limited due to size of ballroom) & 2 vendor badges!


*SOLD OUT* Large Spot- 250.00: This spot is perfect for a variety of different vendors that want to be on an end cap (this is located in our aisles that go to the other side of the room) and include a space that is 12 FT x 8 FT, Two 6 FT tables with two chairs and 2 vendor badges.

*SOLD OUT* Premium Spot-  275.00 : This spot is perfect for the vendor who would like to maximize space a 10 x 10 spot AND access to electricity! Also Includes: Two 6 FT tables with two chairs & 3 vendor badges!

Please fill out the form below and then be on the lookout in your email for us to reach out to you on whether or not you have been chosen to move forward in the application process!

We may ask for pictures of previous setups and a logo to be used for media purposes.

Here is some info about FrankenCon that we want all our Vendors to know up front:


Our LOAD IN TIMES are Friday May 10th at 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM - Doors open for VIPs at 4:30 PM, please have your booth/tables set up and everything out of the aisles. We do not have a loading dock, cars can park under the awning of the hotel and unload (we have carts available for use but these are not guaranteed) and move your vehicle to the parking lot.

FrankenCon Dates & Times

Friday, May 10th - 4:30 PM-9:00 PM

Saturday, May 11th - 10:00 AM-5:30 PM

Vendors have till 10:00 PM to be out of the venue.

Any Tent or other type of structure MUST be approved before you are chosen as a vendor.


No nudity to be displayed in open sight, any exposed parts on products should be covered.


Thank you for taking an interest in FrankenCon 2024, if you have any further questions, please reach out to

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