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Welcome to the Second Annual FrankenCon Cosplay Contest! FrankenCon Saturday May 11th, 2024 Are you interested in showing off your most horrific cosplay? Want to win some prizes while you’re at it? You’re in the right place! FrankenCon’s Second Annual Cosplay Contest will be held on Saturday, May 11th. You can pre-register for the contest starting at 10 AM on Saturday, May 11th. Registration is limited, so please sign up early if you’d like to join us. When you pre-register, you will be given a later time to return to our pre-judging area to see our judges. Why do I need to sign up for prejudging? We want to make sure our judges have time to see every contestant before they walk across the stage. It also gives contestants time to enjoy the con (and show off their costumes) so they aren’t in line for a long time to see the judges. Because this is FrankenCon’s Second cosplay contest, we anticipate that our pre-judging slots will be filled before the contest. We encourage everyone to register early so they’ll be sure they’ll get a spot onstage! RULES 1. All contestants must pre-register for the contest. If you don’t pre-register, we cannot guarantee that we’ll have time to include you in the contest. 2. All participants must purchase FrankenCon admission for the day of the cosplay contest to be eligible. 3. All contestants must be present at the time of the contest to win an award. (If you cannot stay due to an emergency or other circumstance, please let the staff) 4. All costumes must be in line with FrankenCon’s Costume Guidelines. 5. No real weapons of any kind are allowed in the contest. All large props and weapons will be checked by security at the event. If you have any questions about your props or costume pieces, please send us a message or email us at we’ll be happy to help. 6. Participants must be at least 13 years old or accompanied by a parent or guardian to compete in the event. 7. Each contestant can enter one (1) costume into one (1) category. If you enter as a group, you are not eligible to compete as an individual as well. 8. You must participate in the pre-judging to be eligible for a prize. If you miss the designated pre-judging time, con scheduling may not allow time for you to be judged. If you cannot make pre-judging, please let the costume contest staff know as soon as possible. 9. Contestants must be available to line up at [30 minutes prior to stage time], giving them 30 minutes prior to the contest to prepare final costume adjustments and check in for the stage presentation. Being late for line-up may result in being unable to walk to stage or compete. 10. FrankenCon has the right to reject an entry based on inappropriate, unsafe, or illegal behavior or a violation of the convention rules. Please be courteous to your other attendees and contestants! Costume Guidelines We love costumes and cosplayers and love seeing your creations. These guidelines are not meant to stifle your creativity but to answer some frequently asked questions about the show and the costume contest. If you have any questions about these guidelines, reach out to us and we’ll help clarify. All costumes are welcome. The Frankencon Costume Contest welcomes costumes that are homemade, purchased, or commissioned. (Make sure you mark the correct category for your costume during registration.) Extra points will be awarded for creativity and skill in homemade costumes. No profanity, political, or religious statements are allowed on stage. This includes anything on your clothing, props, or any signs you may carry. Anyone who violates this rule may be removed from the contest immediately. If you have questions about your costume, please ask in advance! Your costume cannot endorse any real hate groups. Costume contest entries must be in line with the venue’s policy on attire. This means that your costume should not include nudity or sexually explicit attire. Large props and weapons are allowed on stage for the costume contest. However, your props must be inspected by security before the contest. All contestants must behave responsibly with props or weapons on the stage. Do not throw anything from the stage. This includes props, weapons, water (or fake blood), confetti, glitter, feathers, sand, or anything else. If you want to throw something onto the stage as part of a performance, you need to clear it with the Frankencon Costume Contest staff beforehand. We will not have time to clean the stage between contestants and you don’t want to create a hazard for another cosplayer. If you want to perform a physical stunt, you also need to clear that with the Costume Contest staff when you register for the contest. You may be limited by the size and construction of the stage for safety reasons. Judges TBA

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